Family Fun Holiday Celebration 2007

Upcoming Events:

February 5th we will go to Trimmier Elementary to paint faces and make balloon animals.Be there at 6:00 pm and be picked up at 7:30.

Feb 8th we will sponsor a Valentine's Dance, 6-8.

Camp 2020 Club is a leadership club where teens learn leadership by doing. We have two training opportunities each school year and every other month we do other projects to help our school and our community. Membership is limited because only so many fit in a classroom at a time. Also, with too many students, we cannot accomplish as much as with a few really good workers. Therefore, we look for students with great behavior and attitude who are willing to volunteer. We have FUN while we work because we're with our friends!

~~Yes that is very true. Its Dee and Camp 2020
is soooo much fun Mrs. Burden. Thanks For makin
it that way..are you ever going to put the slideshow
our pics up???..!!!!!!!