Use the wiki to write your work in Spanish....


    1. Open a New Page (see the link to the left)
    2. It will turn into a document you can write on... if not...
    3. Click the Edit This Page button
    4. Now, write your sentences!!
    5. Use the toolbar's Insert Character key to make the Spanish accented letters, upside-down punctuation and tildes.
    6. Click SAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....... or your work will be LOST!
    7. In the Navigation Bar, click Edit Navigation to make links to all your pages.... very easy to do!
      • Open Edit link
      • Type the title of the link you want to appear in the Navigation Bar
      • Use the drop menu to find the page you want to link to
      • Save!

  • You can make a page for notes, one to upload a PowerPoint, video, or other project, or for music and playlists.

  • To upload a PowerPoint, video or other media, experiment with the TV button on the toolbar. FUN!!!!

You can also go here to see a wiki that will guide you on making your wiki look cool!