All right now, it's time to CONJUGATE!!!

It's a verb!

Okay everybody...we need to make POD CASTS!

Use p. 84 and 85 in your textbook for help with dialogs. Make your podcasts using Garage Band or Voki.

Post them on a page called "Chapter Three" in your wiki.

Make written dialogs using the characters below and then practice more out loud by making a podcast.
The characters can be found on fodey and you can choose the character you like the best...keep it school-clean!

Do all this on the same wiki page.
Do section 6, p.85...a podcast will be best. For your sentences you can also use a Voki (check out my voki on A voki is another way to do a podcast if you don't have a Mac or iTunes.

For homework, do pages 25-27 in your Vocabulario y Gramática workbook...

due Wednesday the 18th.

Test on this section next week on Tuesday.

gif animation gif animation

After doing section 6, p. 85, do the following podcasts:

  • p.87, section 10 OR p.89, section 14 ----- choose ONE of these.

  • p. 91, section 19 ... REQUIRED.

  • p. 28-30 in Cuaderno de Vocabulario y Gramatica DUE MONDAY!!