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Hey teachers.... Making wikis is easy and fun!

Ready to Get Started???

Here are a couple of sites I used for this presentation, but the short cut links are in your content areas below.

For content areas, scroll down!

History Wiki Ideas

Okay... can I go ahead and Get Started???


Science Wiki Ideas

So... Are we ready to Get Started???



Ideas for Math Wikis

Are you ready to Get Started???



Wikis for Language Arts and Reading

Wikis for Electives

Here's a good start for elective teachers...

  • Comic Life, a GREAT publishing software this wikispace seeks to join other groups to collaborate and share ideas!
  • This site is for an Information technology class and shows kids about designing integration units.
  • This site has some great graphics!
  • Teen Leadership: This Utopia Wikispace can give us ideas that can be implemented in TL
  • For I-Tech, you can put directions for projects on separate pages, as well as grading rubrics. You can also show pictures of student projects and post trip information. Your secretary can do this for you! Look at Mr. Armstrong's US History Wiki, above. It has lots of forms and projects.

C'mon, Burden!! Can we PLEASE just Get Started???

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